120 hours
of your
Need to setup open source
infrastructure for Test Automation?
Keep your focus on the current tasks and let our
Dockerized solution do the rest

Experience all the advantages
of QPS-infra through
3 outstanding features to choose us

Adaptive infrastructure deals with any changes
End-to-end solution for individual developers and teams of any size from startups to corporations, assuring high-quality level and scale needs.

CI Orchestration does your work
Take full advantage of the unique blend of tools and practices you've developed and employed.
0-downtime deploy.

Sonar induces your team to code primely
Code analyzers are equipped with powerful path sensitive dataflow engines to detect tricky issues.
QPS-Infra works especially great with


Opensource Test Management System for Automated QA developed by Qaprosoft. Get detailed reports with results, screenshots and performance metrics.


Single opensource instrument for all layers of Test Automation based on Java. Reuse code up to 80% within IOS and Android. Execute tests against any platforms in multiple threads.

Mobile Cloud

Run automated testing with dedicated farm of devices 24/7 simultaneously with live issues reproducing.

Advanced Support
We assist you through all stages
for 50$ per hour only

+ Training and support
+ Installation and setup
for complex environments

We implement specific
requirements for your business

+ Production level security
+ Vertical & horizontal clustering
+ Error resistance

We're happy to answer your questions!